Superbe critique de Lungta dans New York City Jazz Record

NYC Jazz record for web siteLungta reçoit une critique dans l’édition de janvier du New York City Jazz Record. Je suis honoré par l’inclusion de mon disque car cette édition du magazine est consacrée au meilleurs disques de 2016!

Voici ce que Tom Greenland avait à dire:

” Tenor saxophonist Philippe Côté’s debut LUNGTA (referring to a Tibetan windhorse) took some ten years to make. Combining the flexibility of a small group (alto saxophonist David Binney, pianist Steve Amirault, bassist Fraser Hollins and drummer Martin Auguste) with the finesse and power of a 13-piece wind orchestra (flutes, oboe, clarinets, bassoon, French horns, trumpets, trombone and tuba), the multi-talented Montréaler’s epic- length CD is nothing short of amazing. Its chief strength lies in complex yet crystalline arrangements, which adroitly exploit each instrument’s ‘personality’ and capabilities, whether in layered minimalist loops, dense long-form melodies, tessellated entrances, polyphonic chorales, punchy ‘comp’ figures, swelling pads or multi-tiered counterpoint. Côté and Binney thread lithe solo lines over, under, around and through the morphing orchestral textures, weaving the pre- and free- composed strands into a composite musical fabric. ”

Site du NYC Jazz Record ici


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